JP Surf4You Slalom Cup 2014: as tight as it can be

South Korea's Kim Hyung Kwon has conquered the JP Surf4You Slalom Cup 2014, in Vietnam.

Hailed as the the biggest windsurfing race in Southeast Asia, the JP Surf4You Slalom Cup attracted 40 windsurfers from Korea, Russia, Denmark and Vietnam.

A total of 15 races were run during the day. There were competition in three different categories: Pro, Amateurs and Children.

Winners conquereed Slalom windsurf boards. The JP Surf4You Slalom aims to become the largest private competition in the world, in the next years.

JP Surf4You Slalom Cup 2014 Results:

1. Kim Hyung Kwon
2. Chaika Ilya
3. Chaika Sergei
4. Trysov Alexey
5. Bolshakov Maksim

1. Chan Evi Kim
2. Konstantin Moskvin
3. Zaitcev Aleksandr
4. Bobrovich Alexandr
5. Shapkina Maria

1. Lev Novitskiy
2. Ermakov Magomed
3. Ignatiev Alexey
4. Kirill Bobrovich
5. Seminihin Egor

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