Chris Pressler

This 10th edition as been very successful. The opening ceremony was directed by Mr Vo Van BA, head of the Sport Department of Binh Thuan Province.

Shortly after, the action started on the beach with 18 races in winds above 20 knots. In the women’s races it was very tight at the start of the final as Sylvie, Kirsten and Sandra accumulated the exact same number of points after 3 races.

They took an early lead in their final, then Sandra crossed the line in front of Sylvie who was running for a 4th title and Kirsten for her 2nd. Sandra won a Starboard Kode 122, Sylvie a Severne Code Red sail, and Kirsten and Lucy some great phones from Nokia.

In the men, the local windsurfers gave a bit of work to Remi Villa and Chris. Their speed on the water is getting better every year.

Chris’ PWA experience served him well; he managed his final race well from start to finish. Dong, last year’s winner, came 2nd and Tam 3rd. Remi managed 4th even with a bad day with his masts, breaking two. Chris won the Fabulous NOA watch, Dong a Starboard Isonic 44, Tam a Severne Code red sail and Remi a Nokia phone.

All winners got a superb trophy offered by the Saigon Yacht club. The award ceremony started a memorable evening at Jibe’s followed by traditional dances from Binh Thuan Province cultural department then a great performance from Curtis King and his band; they get the crowd dancing till very late.

Again this year we raised over 3500$ for charity and collected some generous donations

Results 10th Windsurfing Vietnam Fun Cup 2009

1. Chris Pressler Austria
2. Nguyen Thanh Dong Vietnam
3. Nguyen Thanh Tam Vietnam
4. Remi Vila France
5. Nguyen Ngoc Bong Vietnam
6. Nguyen Quoc Hoa Vietnam
7. Patrick Fasel Switzerland
8. Alexey Trusov Russia
9. Philippe Gaille Switzerland
10. Truong Ky Tai Vietnam

1. Sandra Wolf Germany
2. Sylvie Feuerle France
3. Kerstin Reiger Austria
4. Lucy Maher Australia
5. Deborah Khoo Singapore
6. Chua Hsin Ee Singapore
7. Catherine Dalle France

Source: Windsurf Vietnam

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