Ek Boonsawad: Asian king of RS:X

Ek Boonsawad has won the 2014 RS:X Asian Championships, in Singapore.

After four days of racing and 12 races completed, the windsurfer from Thailand, who was leading the regatta from the very beginning, won the gold medal and the 2014 RS:X Asian champion title.

Chang Hao, from Taipei, took second place on the podium while Leonard Ong, from Singapore, kept the bronze medal.

In the Women's division, Wai Yan Ngai scored three bullets to claim back the first position and, at the same time, the 2014 RS:X Asian Women's champion title. Lo Sin Lam was runner-up, and the bronze medal was awarded to Siripon Kaewduang-Ngam.

In RS:X Youth Men, Kikabhoy Rafeek is the well-deserved 2014 RS:X Asian Youth Men champion, as he got the lowest score in the regatta: 10 points in 12 races.

The silver medal went to Chinain Pattharadnai, from Thailand. Hui Kwan Nok, from Hong Kong, took third place and the bronze medal.

2014 RS:X Asian Championships Results:

1. Ek Boonsawad
2. Chang Hao
3. Leonard Ong

1. Wai Yan Ngai
2. Lo Sin Lam
3. Siripon Kaewduang-Ngam

Youth Men
1. Kikabhoy Rafeek
2. Chinain Pattaharandnai
3. Hui Kwan Nok

Youth Women
1. Ma Kwan Ching
2. Lim Si Ning Nicole
3. Ruth Mow

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