A mast-high windsurfing day at Teahupoo

July 20, 2014 | Windsurfing
Teahupoo: who said windsurfers can't take it?

Kevin Pritchard, Camille Juban, and Antoine "Titun" Martin have enjoyed a stunning mast-high windsurfing session at Teahupoo, Tahiti. It might sound strange, but no one got hurt.

Teahupoo is one of the heaviest waves on Planet Earth. Surfers and bodyboarders perfectly understand how hard it can be to wipe out in the most famous Tahitian cavern. If you're a windsurfer, the game level steps up.

Apparently, that is not a problem for Pritchard, Juban and Martin. They seem to know what they're doing. Kevin, who had already sailed Teahupoo a few times, picked up a video camera and did the shooting.

"Windsurfing at Teahupoo is something you can never understand. Watching these kids charge it without any fear inspires me like never before," explains Kevin Pritchard.

"Filming Camille drop into a barreling mast-high Teahupoo wave, set up and hit the lip over this wave is indescribable. His speed, timing, and commitment are unbelievable."

In "Tahiti Clear," you can almost find a windsurfing barrel, but the most important lesson is that windsurfers can actually push the act of wave riding to wide new territories. This is wave sailing taken to its best.