Human Made: a film by Oliver Stauffacher

Experimentation is the mother of creation. Whether you're developing a new recipe, creating a new gadget, or inventing a new action sports maneuver, you need to try out new approaches.

"Human Made" is a video essay that smartly blends architectural lines, claustrophobic music, and unexpected living being - windsurfers.

The conceptual and experimental windsurf video comes from the mind of Oliver Stauffacher, a former, low-profile PWA World Tour competitor who keeps his life incredibly private.

The suffocating footage tries to establish an antithesis between striking vanishing points, inspiring lights, the conservative, static pictures of a church, and the intense physical movement of professional windsurfers.

The radical moves by Balz Müller, Jacopo Testa, and Nic Hibdige end up building an intangible connection with the unknown, in harmony with the metaphysical world.

The Swiss photographer-filmmaker manages to create an interesting dialogue between two rather different dimensions via the use of highly contrasted black and white angles, and constant sense of loneliness and solitude throughout the video.

Interestingly, Stauffacher opted for including a single four-second color shot. Why? It's up to interpret its meaning.

If you think you've seen everything, get ready to open your mind to a whole different way of appreciating windsurfing. Because the days of straightforward action shots may be over.

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