A windsurfing love story in the "Atlantic."

August 29, 2014 | Windsurfing
Atlantic.: a windsurfing love movie

The Portuguese and the Spaniards were the first Atlantic Ocean explores. Back then, the Sea of Atlas was an immense secret, an incommensurable treasure. Today, the Atlantic is the center stage for personal adventures, too.

Jan-Willem van Ewijk, the director behind "Atlantic.," has filmed the story of a young Moroccan windsurfer who decides to embark on a solitary windsurfing voyage to Europe.

Fettah Lamara has a strong drive. He fell in love with Alexandra, a beautiful European woman, and he will not rest until he finds his passion in the Old Continent.

But the "Atlantic.," hides dangers in every swell. Will Lamara be able to touch the horizon? Will the saltiest ocean claim his soul? Van Ewijk, a professional aircraft designer, has pinched the story with the right amount of emotions, adventure and water.

"Atlantic." is a windsurfing love film. In 94 minutes, you're invited to dream alongside Fettah Lamara and Alexandra. Morocco is 300 kilometers (186 miles) away from Europe. Will distance tear them apart?

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