Adam Holm is the 2012 Kona One Windsurfing champion

November 7, 2012 | Windsurfing
Adam Holm: watch the buoy

Adam Holm has been crowned the 2012 Kona One Windsurfing champion, in Maspalomas, Gran Canaria, Spain.

The 18-year-old Swedish talent finished first after four days of intense racing, at the wins Kona Windsurfing World Championships. Danish windsurfing legend Tim Aagesen finished second and Australian Dennis Winstanley placed third.

"I have really been struggling hard over the last few years, being so close to making it all the way but not quite there. So I'm just so happy to finally get a world championship. This means so much to me", said Adam Holm.

This year's championships took place in the classical windsurfing waters of Gran Canaria. A total of 60 sailors from three continents and countries such as Canada, Slovenia and Germany competed.

The winds were unusually light and unpredictable, which demanded great tactical skills and concentration of the sailors. Adam Holm was the one who best proved to handle these demanding conditions and delivered an impressive record, winning three out of the seven races.

Andrea Holm, sister of Adam and only 16 years old, finished sixth overall, well ahead of Norway's first lady of windsurfing, Jorunn Horgen, who finished 8th in her first Kona Worlds.

Third overall female was Canadian Dominique Vallée, finishing 14th after some impressive sailing during the last day. With a third and a fifth place in the last day’s afternoon races, when the wind picked up, she clearly proved her ability as a Kona windsurfer.

The next Kona One Windsurfing Championships will be held near Quebec, Canada.

2012 Kona One Windsurfing Championships | Results

1. Adam Holm (SWE)
2. Tim Aagesen (DEN)
3. Dennis Winstanley (AUS)

1. Andrea Holm (SWE)
2. Jorunn Horgen (NOR)
3. Dominique Vallée (CAN)