Adam Holm: watch this guy in the near future

At the age of 15, Adam Holm is quickly emerging as one of the hot favorites for this year's Kona World title after winning both the 2010 Junior and Senior Swedish Championships.

It was an amazing achievement, considering he left ex-Olympians and the current World champion in his wake.

Despite his young age, Adam can already look back at several international medals, including the lightweight gold medals in 2008 and 2009 - and his very impressive bronze medal overall at last year's world championships.

He clearly manifested his potential and has built on it ever since, with intensive training and dedication.

Coached by his father, Bjoern, an ex-Olympian and Kona World Champion - Adam has got all it takes, including a lot of experience from the now very competitive Swedish Kona Cup racing program.

"I train a lot, and I am extremely happy after winning the Swedish Nationals. It was super big for me, and now I am even more geared up for the Worlds in Miami later this year - and much more thereafter."

Congratulations to the youngest Swedish windsurfing champion ever. Definitely a super talent we will see much more of in the future.


1. Adam Holm
2. Hans Nyström
3. Jonathan Wallin
4. Björn Holm
5. Joachim Larsson

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