Alberto Menegatti wins 2012 Langebaan Downwind Dash

January 25, 2012 | Windsurfing
Alberto Menegatti: controlling the crazy kite crew

Alberto Menegatti has conquered the famous 2012 Langebaan Downwind Dash, in South Africa. Up to 237 windsurfers, kitesurfers and other watercraft competed in the West Coat, from Langebaan all the way down to the port of Saldanha.

In the end, windsurfers raised the flag against rival kitesurfers. Menegatti completed the challenge in 23 minutes and 15 seconds, ahead of Arnon Dagan by only 15 seconds.

Colin Heckroodt was the best kitesurfer and finished in fourth place overall. He cleared the 20-kilometre race in 26 minutes and 20 seconds.

As usual, the wind was there with a good constant 20+ knots over the course, getting a bit lighter, at the finish line. Menegatti remained persistant and didn't let Dagan pass by.

"It was a very exciting race, with hard conditions for me because of the choice of a sail that turned out to be big, in most of the course. Anyway, I'm very happy with my gear that showed me great performance also in hard conditions. My 8,6 Vapor together with my 107 Isonic and my Z fin is just an amazing combo", says Alberto Menegatti.

Out of 237 contestants, 195 riders made it over the finish, a very good number that shows the commitment and the interest in this event. The first lady was Candice Daley, a kiteboarder (35 minutes and 39 seconds) and Ian Dunt was the first Hobie.

The Langebaan Downwind Dash started out in 1984.

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