Alexandre Rouys takes the 2011 Sofrana One Hour Challenge

February 15, 2011 | Windsurfing
Sofrana Challenge: watch the small boat in the horizon

Alexandre Rouys has conquered the 2011 Sofrana One Hour Challenge, at Anse Vata, New Caledonia. Forty windsurfers battled fierce races in light-to-strong winds. In the first day of competition, a collision between two windsurfers even happened.

The slalom races were completely dominated by Rouys. For the remaining podium places, there were tough fights. David Pépère controlled opponents, while Axel Jourdain, Christophe Vignes and Axel Jourdain windsurfed tight races. In the end, Vignes secured third place.

Stéphan Derommelaere and Clotilde Fochessato sailed side by side for an hour, but Derommelaere was better. Buoys were placed close to the beach for the spectator's delight. In the Youth division, Alex Jourdain, Antoine Aubert and Quentin Gal were the best windsurfers.

Paul Halbedel, Manu Vervaele and Christian Delaunay dominated the Masters' category, while Sébastien Lescadieu, Kim Chan and Stéphane Lardans took the highest places of the Junior division.