Anders Bringdal: number 50 fits him well

Anders Bringdal is the first windsurfer to exceed 50 knots over 500 meters. The new world speed windsurfing mark was set at the 2012 Luderitz Speed Challenge in Namibia.

Speed windsurfers are absolutely fired up, as the 2012 Luderitz Speed Challenge blows world records, day after day.

Antoine Albeau started strong, Anders Bringdal accelerated, and Cédric Bordes reached 49.66 knots.

But it was the Swedish windsurfer who managed to plant the flag in the Namibian speed strip after a few fast runs and will to beat his closest rivals.

Bringdal marked 50.41 knots and then 50.46 knots. He made his two over 50-knot runs on the 5.8m Evo5 in wind speeds of around 32-38 knots.

Antoine immediately improved the record with 50.59 knots.

Now that the 50 knots frontier is broken, windsurfers will try to reduce the distance to kiteboarders.

The fastest ever record is owned by Rob Douglas, the North American speed kiteboarder, with 55.65 knots. In the way, there's the 100 km/h (53.99 knots) challenge.

Zara Davis improved the female world speed windsurfing record with the incredible mark of 44.69 knots.

The British sailor is competing head-to-head with the male fleet.

The 500-meter record is not the maximum velocity record.

Anders Bringdal is an experienced windsurfer and was part of the Liberty Team, which won the 1998 TransAtlantic Windsurf Race.

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