Anders Bringdal confirmed at the 2010 Défi Wind in France

April 29, 2010 | Windsurfing

Défi Wind: only 1000 windsurfers expected in Gruissan

From May 13th to 16th, 1 000 amateur and pro windsurfers from all around the world gather in Gruissan, located in the South of France for a unique event: the Défi Wind. The goal is to enable the largest number of windsurfers to pit their strength against each other during 4 days around their shared passion: windsurfing.

New challenge for the 10th edition: to host 1 000 windsurfers on the start line at the same place and at the same time to ride over runs of a dozen miles. And it will last for 4 days! This concept, introduced in 2001 by Philippe Bru (Beaches Concept) and Gilles Debrix (Wind Magazine), has grown up in 10 years.

With an idyllic and very windy spot, along with a very simple race format, the Défi Wind has rapidly become the most popular windsurfing event in the world.

A sporting Défi This race is a true gathering of wind tamers. The riders are primarily there to confront, but also to exchange, discuss and share their passion. The Défi boasts a shelf to get together an incredible bunch of the best riders. For this edition, among the 1 000 registered, we may retain the participation of:

- Anders Bringdal (Sweden) : Winner of the Défi Wind 2002 –Director of the windsurf brand Mistral
- Patrice Belbeoch' (Britany - France) : First French rider winner of the World Wave Championships in 1996 - Director of Exocet and Xo Sails – a regular rider on the Défi taking advantage of the event to present his new products to the public.
- Monty Spindler (USA) : Monty has been a mentor for numerous sailmakers and designers, and now designs his own sails with Loft.
- Julien Quentel (Guadeloupe - France) : young professional windsurfer in the top 20 worldwide – podium in sight on the Défi 2010
- Pascal Toselli (Marseille - France) : young professional windsurfer in the top 20 worldwide – has participated in every editions and has won a race in front of Bjorn Dunkerbeck and Antoine Albeau in 2005.

The presence of « stars » such as Andrea Cucchi, Ant Baker, Gérald Pelleau, James Dinnis, David Garrel, Nicolas Agkazcian, Pierre Mortefon, Antoine Questel, Nicolas Warembourg, Lise Vidal or Fanny Aubet, can also be noted.

Heavy task for the organisation

The necessary supervision for this marathon is worth one of the greatest global sporting events. With the increasing number of registrations, the organization is now faced with a rigorous logistics to ensure safety and to allow everyone competing in the best conditions.

No fewer than 250 people stand ready to ensure that this tenth edition will be the one of records! The rankings are also really tricky to follow for the organization. The technology comes to his aid through a partnership with Microsoft and MyGeoLive. On this edition, no less than 100 windsurfers will embark the latest system of geographical location, to watch the race live and in real time on the website.

A village up to the challenge

Many animations will take place on the village. Under the sound of its concerts and DJ sets, initiations and demonstrations will be offered through the presence of leaders from the Apprentice Training Centre of Sports of Narbonne (CFA).

Whether on the water or on land, day and night, the Défi Wind 2010 promises an exceptional sport show along with entertainment for all age groups, for everybody’s pleasure.
The first windsurfers are expected from Wednesday, May 12 and the first race is scheduled for the day after at 15:00 along the Vieille Nouvelle beach. Let’s pray that Zephyr will honor those athletes coming from all over the world.

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