András Horányi-Névy wins first Hungarian Wave Championship

October 6, 2010 | Windsurfing

András Horányi-Névy: starting vey well

Hungarian NorthSails/Fanatic team rider, András Horányi-Névy spent almost a month on the Greek island of Rhodes where he took part in the first ever Hungarian Wave Championship.

The judging system was similar to the PWA rules - the best 2 jumps and wave rides count - and after successfully advancing from the first round and the semi-finals, he found himself in the final of the event. He really went for the title, throwing some big forward loops, table tops, shove its and some nice onshore wave rides.

András after the competition: "I'm so excited about my success. When I came out of the water and the jury told me that I am the winner, I couldn't believe what happened to me. The conditions were just perfect - in Prasonisi terms - for the competition, decent waves, steady winds, great for 5 m sails. In the final I even had to sail on my 4.5 ICE. Concerning the new 2011 gear, I couldn't be more satisfied! It's a joy to use, and it's unreal how well it can be fine-tuned. I was using my 5.4 Duke almost all the time, and I could trim it for 15 knots, and for 25-30 knots of wind without any problems, with just a few adjustments. I'm really stoked about the new stuff."

Apart from the competition, András and some friends were producing a film about this years' action from Dahab and Prasonisi, which will be online in a few weeks. But now some pictures before.

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