Andrea Rosati is the 2012 Italian Wave Windsurfing champion

June 12, 2012 | Windsurfing
Andrea Rosati: master of the Italian waves

Andrea Rosati is the new 2012 Italian Wave Windsurfing champion. The rider took the North Sardinia Wave Contest and was crowned the best wave rider of the country.

The event was held in the legendary Cala Pischina, one of the most radical wave spots in the North of Sardinia. Wind and waves where good enough to complete a full single elimination ladder entirely dominated by Andrea Rosati.

On the first day of competition there were up to 30 knots and waves of 2.5-to-3 meters. On the second day, conditions of 20 knots and waves of 1.5-2 meters allowed a single elimination to be completed.

Fabio Calo and Raimondo Gasperini, both Starboard riders, took second and third place. Windsurf legend Gasperini showed an amazing performance and confirmed his excellent form in the wave riding performances.

A young sailor showed off. The 15-year-old Francesco Capuzzo delivered impressive skills and finished in fourth place.

North Sardinia Wave Contest 2012 | Results

1. Andrea Rosati
2. Fabio Calò
3. Raimondo Gasperini
4. Francesco Cappuzzo
5. Federico Infantino
5. Andrea Ferin
5. Andrea Franchini
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