Andrew Anderson triumphs in the 2011 Midwest Speed Quest

October 24, 2011 | Windsurfing
Andrew Anderson: cash taker

Andrew Anderson is the fastest sailor of the 2011 Midwest Speed Quest, held on Lake Okabena, USA. The rider from Oakland registered the "Best Ten Second Run" of the event, with a maximum speed of 34.31 knots (39.46 mph).

Racers followed the rules and methods of international speed sailing and their GPS units can be compared to other speed sailors around the World. The speeds were calculated using Doppler positional measurements and GPS data was entered into a computer.

Data was then carefully analyzed and speeds were calculated with the greatest possible precision to 0.01 knots. In second place, David Knight from Fridley scored 31.51 knots (36.24 mph). Randy Johnson, from Forest Lake, secured third place with 31.07 knots (35.73 mph) and a new personal best speed.

In the "Alpha Racing Category", a competition based on the best average speed through jibe over a 500 meter distance, Judd Nelson reached 22.52 knots (25.90 mph) to win $500 in cash. This division was designed to reward those racers with superior technical skills.

The "Spirit of Speed Quest Award" went to Richard Stirn of Worthington. Richard took his very first lesson this spring and quickly moved into the foot straps and harness. He recorded a "Best Ten Second Run" of 18.66 knots (21.46 mph).

Niels Zaunmueller, from Beaver Dam, won the Youth category. The 14-year-old windsurfer got a new personal best speed with 20.32 knots (23.37 mph).

Best Ten Second Run

1st Place - Andrew Anderson, Oakland CA, 34.31 knots (39.46 mph)
2nd Place - David Knight, Fridley Minnesota, 31.51 knots (36.24 mph)
3rd Place - Randy Johnson, Forest Lake Minnesota, 31.07 knots (35.73 mph) (New Personal Best Speed)
4th Place - Adam Anderson, Eagen Minnesota, 31.03 knots (35.68 mph)
5th Place - Judd Nelson, Minneapolis, MInnesota, 30.89 knots (35.52 mph) (New Personal Best Speed)

Alpha Racing Category

1st Place - Judd Nelson, 22.52 knots (25.90 mph)
2nd Place - Andrew Anderson, 21.05 knots (24.21 mph)
3rd Place - Arden Anderson, 20.66 knots (23.76 mph)
4th Place - Adam Anderson, 19.91 knots (22.90 mph)
5th Place - Ed Melechson, 19.20 knots (22.08 mph)