Andy Laufer joins Point-7 windsurfing team

May 7, 2012 | Windsurfing
Andy Laufer: the dark side of windsurfing

Andy Laufer has joined the Point-7, the dark side of windsurfing team. The German sailing legend has obtained great results both on his National circuit and on the International PWA scene and is preparing to help Point-7 win titles.

"It was a surprise to have Andy contacting us and sounding motivated to get back into racing again after some years, even if he will be also busy with work and family. Once you taste the feeling of windsurf racing it’s hard to leave it behind", explains Andrea Cucchi.

"Andy has always been a special talent in windsurfing and one of the personalities that brought our sport to the media outside of our windsurfing world. We are happy and proud to have him blasting on our sails", he added.

It is still a mystery whether Andy Laufer will be full-on racing at the German Championships and some PWA wvents, or if he will only blast on the black engines around his home lake, in Bavaria, and other famous European surf spots.

Andy Laufer joins a Point-7 windsurfing team which has already signed Nicolas Akgazciyan and Josh Angulo, in the last months.

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