Antoine Albeau: the French windsurfer won 25 world title in 30 years | Photo: Carter/PWA

The most successful windsurfer of all time announced the end of his professional career in the PWA World Tour. Antoine Albeau (F-192) sailed competitively for 30 years.

A fierce opponent, a highly skilled sailboarder, and a calm and gentle man outside the water.

If you had to describe Antoine Albeau in one sentence, this could be it.

The Frenchman from La Rochelle started competing and winning titles on the Professional Windsurfers Association (PWA) World Tour when there were still no mobile phones and internet.

The year was 1992.

By then, he was already an experienced 20-year-old windsurfer who spent more than 300 days per year in the water.

Antoine Albeau: a true ambassador for windsurfing | Photo: Carter/PWA

From Freestyle to Slalom

Interestingly, his first world title only arrived in 2001 when Albeau was 29. And it was a freestyle trophy.

Since then, the French bullet became a slalom/racing specialist, ruled the discipline, and slowly focused on speed sailing records.

"I leave the PWA World Tour with the satisfaction of having achieved everything," Albeau expressed.

"I have given everything in each event to finish at the top of the podium repeatedly. I did it for myself, sponsors, fans who love windsurfing as much as I do, and my beautiful family."

"I worked tirelessly for each title, and I don't regret anything. My career as a windsurfer gave me everything I have and friends for life all over the planet."

Speed Sailing Is Next

The good news is that Albeau, 50, will continue pushing windsurfing's limits.

"Tonio" will continue participating in invitational events, speed sailing contests, and working actively in his family's Ecole de Voile de la Couarde at Île de Ré.

He will also focus on his Zephir Project with Marc Amerigo.

The goal is to break the speed sailing world record held by Vestas Sailrocket 2 at 65.45 knots (75.33 miles per hour or 121.21 kilometers per hour).

Antoine Albeau's last world tour event is the 2022 Fly! ANA Yokosuka, Miura, Windsurf World Cup in Japan.

The French bullet was an all-around competitive sailor with an outstanding career and a true ambassador for windsurfing.

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