Atlantic Ocean storms defy Sarah Hebert

March 6, 2012 | Windsurfing
Sarah Hebert: tough girl

Sarah Hebert is showing a strong commitment to conclude the Atlantic Ocean windsurf cross, from Senegal to Guadeloupe. Despite the extreme conditions she's been facing, the French windsurfer has resisted and keeps "eating" nautical miles.

Hebert has almost sailed half of the sea adventure, in all weather conditions. In the last days she had to navigate with super strong wind gusts and big open water waves.

The intrepid sailor keeps showing motivation and determination towards a unique goal - Guadeloupe. The wind direction has complicated the sailing route and dizziness forces a few stops.

Sarah Hebert has had encounters with whales and the swell makes it difficult to sleep for several hours. In the next morning, the French windsurfer leaves from the last GPS point recorded.

"I knew it would be hard. I was physically and psychologically prepared. That's why I'm here. To live moments of communion and, despite the difficulties, I am completely happy here and now", says Hebert.

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