Attitude Sails partners with "real" windsurfer Carlos Pro

March 13, 2015 | Windsurfing
Carlos Pro: a real windsurfer with real sails

Attitude Sails has announced it will be working closely with Carlos Pro in the development of their range of gear for "real windsurfers."

The brand founded in 2014 believes it should design sails for "95% of the windsurf population, mostly recreational sailors to weekend warriors." That is why Attitude Sails is focused on building quality and fairly-priced products.

Carlos Pro is a fireman and graphic designer from Alicante, in Spain, and he will be one of the company's "real windsurfers" for "keeping it real."

"In contrast to sailmakers obsessed with elite-level performance, the brand have instead aligned their entire marketing focus and product range on passionate, recreational sailors that want to enjoy a fun time on the water using easy-to-tune products with super-wide wind range," Attitude Sails explain.

Job Verbunt, founder of the windsurfing insignia, thinks Carlos Pro is exactly the type of active, dedicated windsurfer that encapsulates the Attitude Sails philosophy - "an active and flexible rider, hunger to sail when he can."

Being an amateur windsurfer is the next real thing.

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