Belgium lives the need for speed

April 22, 2011 | Windsurfing
Belgian Speed Week: the need for speed

When the weather is rainy and windy, only the true sports enthusiasts are out in the water. The Fanatic Belgian Speed Week 2011 has kicked off and nobody cares about the harsh weather. There's a need for speed in this European country.

Fifty one windsurfers are racing for the fastest times. In the first race, the wind strength was good, but the direction was not right and there was a swell of two-meter waves. The race officer decided that it was impossible to guarantee the safety of the riders, so he cancelled the race for that day.

Tuesday, the wind was not very strong, only around 14 knots, so the wind riders planned a slalom race. Fourteen windsurfers were ready to join the fun race, but when the course was all set up the wind dropped to eight knots and it had to be cancelled.

On Wednesday, the wind wasn’t that strong and the course was opened. If the speed was high enough it would be official. The wind gods were with Fanatic Belgian Speed Week 2011 and riders had a counting round.

David Garrel is leading the races, followed by Thorsten Mallon, Wilfried Vanherweghe, Patrick Van Hoof and Alain Degendt. In the Women's division, Nicky Van Hoof is in first place, followed by Birgit Höfer and Imke De Bruyn.

The Fanatic Belgian Speed Week 2011 will be concluded in the Easter weekend.