Ben Proffitt reconquers the Tiree Wave Classic

October 16, 2011 | Windsurfing
Ben Proffitt: showing off his sponsors

Ben Proffitt has defended his title after winning the 2011 Tiree Wave Classic, held on the Hebridean Isle of Tiree, in Scotland. The thrilling final day of action capped a memorable week of windsurfing for the 25th anniversary of the prestigious event.

Proffit, 33, had to beat three-time winner John Skye twice to secure the consecutive title. “It feels good, it feels really good,” said Ben, who’s from Shropshire.

“I was a bit gutted when I lost the lead on Monday but to come back in the triple - and to win it – feels better than if I’d have been leading all the way,” he said.

“To win back to back is special. I didn’t really think about until I was talking to a couple of people from the camera crew, and I wasn’t really expecting it because it was a really strong field this year, but I’m really happy about it,” said Ben.

Proffit is on top of the standings for the British Wavesailing Association (BWA) Wave Tour title, with one contest – in Cornwall – to come.

“Obviously Tiree is the one event you really want to win,” said Ben. “But the best to win is the overall title. Now I’d be quite happy if we had no wind in Cornwall! Or if there’s wind and I win there too, that’d be even better!”.

Aleksy Gayda, the 17-year-old from Canvey Island, won the Amateur contest, Mark Lloyd took the Masters while Debbie Kennedy won the Ladies division.

2011 Tiree Wave Classic | Results


1st Ben Proffitt
2nd John Skye
3rd Phil Horrocks


1st Aleksy Gayda
2nd Lewis Merrony
3rd Scotty McDowell


1st Mark Lloyd
2nd Davey Edmiston
3rd Keith Shorrocks


1st Debbie Kennedy
2nd Sophia Joy Gilje
3rd Kariina Perhonen


1st Tom Bennett-Lloyd
2nd Torin Prescott
3rd David Taylor