Ben Severne is the 2014 Australian Wavesailing champion

March 19, 2014 | Windsurfing
Australian Wavesailing National Titles: shredding lips

Ben Severne has claimed the 2014 Australian Wavesailing National Titles, at Phillip Island.

For the second consecutive year, Ben Severn is the Australian Wavesailing champion. The veteran windsurfer left Stuey Martin and James McCarthy-Price in the remaining podium places.

On Sunday morning, Severne woke up with cold sweats and a putrid infection on his foot. Next day, he was up and sailing at Sandy Point.

There were head-to-logo waves peeling in 15-knot off to cross-shore winds. Competitors rapidly started pulling big aerials, strong turns and even goiters.

In the next days, light winds prevailed. Thursday saw light winds and large swell hitting the line-up. Broken masts, spectacular wipeouts and a few injuries were inevitable.

In the last day of competition, the double eliminations got underway with a cleaned up swell and light winds filling in for the incredible finals.

2014 Australian Wavesailing National Titles:

1. Ben Severne
2. Stuey Martin
3. James McCarthy-Price

1. Shane Finigan
2. John Jacob
3. Jonathon Bouillir/Martin Batstone

1. Martin Batstone
2. Sean Cleary
3. Harry Walker/Nic Walker

1. Nic Walker
2. Lachie Bouillir
3. Harry Walker

1. Lisa Edlund-Tjernberg
2. Kym Symonds
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