Bexhill bans windsurfing in the seafront of the town

March 8, 2010 | Windsurfing

Bexhill, UK: forget free windsurfing

Bexhill windsurfers are furious after local authorities severely limited the sport in the seafront of this British town.

Rother District Council has planted signs banning windsurfing from several maritime areas - Colonnade, Beaulieu Green, Cooden Beach and Norman's Bay.

Windsurfers and also kitesurfers claim that the signs have costed too much money: £60,000. Politicians have decided the place where it will be possible to windsurf, but many watermen think it is very difficult to get there.

The authorities keep saying that water sports will not be permitted in the seaside Award Areas, but are willing to hear what the surfing community has to say.

Bexhill is seaside resort located in the county of East Sussex, in the south of England

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