Boujmaa Guilloul: watch your head, mate

Boujmaa Guilloul has suffered a serious accident while windsurfing at Hookipa, on the north shore of Maui. The professional windsurfer got severely injured after attempting a Triple Loop. Watch the crash.

Guilloul was rescued by lifeguards and taken to hospital and he is still recovering. "I am now out of hospital and doing well. I think my hospital bill was supported by the insurance company. I have not heard anything about it yet, but I thank the windsurfers who have been worried about me and how this bill would be paid", said the windsurfer.

He will be healing his hand before returning to freestyle windsurfing. "That does not stop me in the quest for the Triple Loop. But next time I will wear a suit and a helmet!"

The Moroccan sailor was enjoying the big Hawaiian ramps when the rotations didn't go as expected and Guilloul hit the water leaving him unconscious. Klaas Voget and Ferdinando Loffreda quickly run to help him and lifeguards backed them up.

Water in the lungs, a broken finger, some bruises and a split lip was the final result. Get well soon, Boujmaa.

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