Boujmaa Guilloul wins the 2017 Morocco Spot X

May 16, 2017 | Windsurfing
Boujmaa Guilloul: he won the 2017 Morocco Spot X | Photo: Crowther/IWT

Boujmaa Guilloul has taken out the 2017 Morocco Spot X, at Moulay, in Morocco.

The second stop on the International Windsurfing Tour saw some of the world's best wave sailors competing in the waves of Morocco's Atlantic coastline.

Moulay is a famous windsurfing reef break located 30 minutes north of Essaouira. The spot gets a side-shore wind that blows almost all year-round.

Guilloul was sailing in home turf and had the crowd cheering for him, so it was only a matter of time before he started launching one-foot back loops, and throwing buckets of spray with his carves and hacks.

The first Kevin Pritchard vs. Boujmaa Guilloul match-up was not enough, and the judges needed a super final. The American performed a one-handed air, but the Moroccan answered back - the champion had been decided by a very narrow margin.

"I'm stoked with the first place in tough conditions. Thanks everyone for the support and your help," expressed Boujmaa Guilloul, who 

On the women's side, Tatiana Howard and Sarah Hauser also sent the title discussion to the super final, where the athlete from Maui was able to defeat the New Caledonian windsurfer.

The next stop on the International Windsurfing Tour is the Barbados Waterman Festival, to be held from May 23 through June 5.

2017 Morocco Spot X | Top 3

1. Boujmaa Guilloul (MOR)
2. Kevin Pritchard (USA)
3. Edvan Souza (BRA)

1. Tatiana Howard (HAW)
2. Sarah Hauser (NCA)
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