Brazilians dominate the III Búzios International Regatta

February 16, 2011 | Windsurfing
III Búzios International Regatta: everybody wanted to win

The III Búzios International Regatta was a huge success. The Brazilian windsurfing event attracted RS-X, Formula, Slalom, Bic Techno and Raceboard sailors from all over the world.

Manquinhos Beach was the perfect venue and was blessed with great racing conditions, great wind conditions and an outstanding support structure. During five days, winds were gusting up to 30 knots, in some days.

Paulo dos Reis conquered the Formula Windsurfing Brazilian National Championship by sailed flawless on the windy days. Gabriel Browne, a former champion, ended up in second place, leaving Wilhelm Schurmann in the third place, after traveling 42 hours from the Oceanic championship in Australia.

The Slalom action was sailed close to the beach. There were some incredible wipeouts and jibe action that left the spectators on their toes. The battle for the first spot was hotly contested by Gabriel Browne and Wilhelm Schurmann.

After 10 finals, it all came down to the 11th and last race final. Wilhelm took the final, but Gabriel managed to secure the second spot. Gabriel Browne took the Slalom South American title, after having missed out two finals.

The final and fifth day was reserved for a big challenge, the "The King of Búzios", a grueling long distance race, where any equipment is allowed. Sailors started on a Le Mans start with RS-X, Formula and Slalom all lining up. Paulo dos Reis was the first to get clear and started the long upwind with Wilhelm Schurmann very close.

Wilhelm Schurmann, who won the first ever edition of the "The King of Búzios" in 2003, opened the gap on the downwind and crossed the finish line just over 1 hour and 30 minutes, making him the only sailor to win it twice, followed closely by Paulo dos Reis, about one minute behind.

Third place went to Nahuel Abran, who had a good come back.

III Búzios International Regatta | Results


1. Paulo dos Reis
2. Gabriel Browne
3. Wilhelm Schurmann
4. Nahuel Abran IX
5. Mateus Issac


1 Gabriel Browne
2. Wilhelm Schurmann
3. Juan Marino
4. Alexandre Guyader
5. Ricardo Santos

King of Buzions

1. Wilhelm Schurmann
2. Paulo dos Reis
3. Nahuel Abran IX
4. Alexandre Guyader
5. Nick Dempsy