Brett Goodwin wins the Big Air Windang 2013

November 19, 2013 | Windsurfing
Brett Goodwin: layback hack

Brett Goodwin has taken out the Big Air Windang, second event of the 2013/2013 NSW Wavesailing season, hosted at one of the best southerly big wave locations on the east coast of Australia.

Over two days, competitors scored over eight hours of sailable conditions, with the finals held in the best waves of the weekend.

In the last day, a solid breeze meant everyone was fully powered on their smaller boards, pulling decent jumps and scoring multiple turns across the face of some chunky overhead sets.

Two breaks formed up with a longer right hander lining up next to the break wall and short deep pitted and one hit thumper in the middle of the beach.

The judges split the divisions up and ran two half-hour super sessions to judge the best riders of the day. Masters, Juniors and Ladies were sent out first to be followed by the Pros.

Half an hour gave plenty of time to pick and choose the right waves although the better ramps seemed to elude the competitors. Jason Cater was the clear standout in the Masters, with smooth wave riding and an uncanny presence to be in the right place at the right time.

Jake Juretic was sailing so well, he was mistaken for his dad a couple of times, while Jessica Crisp combined some great aerials with her signature table tops.

At the heat change over the wind was looking a little light and pro competitors had to consider the possibility of not quite being powered enough to get around the break with ease. However, sensing that some major east coast talent was about to hit the water the wind rose again to top 18-20 knots and solid lines of swell steamed in.

Brett Goodwin was sailing like a man who had just watched a few heats of the PWA Aloha Classic, and combined speed with multiple vertical smacks to dominate the wave riding event.

Not content with back looping his way to victory, he launched a forward off the lip, landing back on the face. A well-deserved and well-overdue winner.