Brian Røgild aims for 50 knots before turning 50

October 16, 2018 | Windsurfing
Brian Røgild: he wants to hit 50 knots before turning 50 | Photo:

Human beings can't live without goals, objectives, and future plans. We just need to do more and much better.

Brian Røgild is a Danish windsurfer with lots of experience in the competitive scene. He is a multiple-time Nordic champion, a slalom king in his country, and a former PWA World Tour campaigner.

Røgild is also one of the fastest sailors in Denmark. He hails from Veddelev, a spot near Roskilde, and his fastest ever speed is 47.26 knots.

"The basic thing in my life is to find freedom, where I am 100 percent focused on what I am doing, so I can feel myself in balance," says Brian Røgild in his promotional video.

"In my passion, I aim for new goals and set new limits for myself. I have been windsurfing for more than 30 years, and competing all over the world for decades."

Now, the Danish speed windsurfing veteran has his eyes on a simple, yet challenging goal that will become the cherry on top of his long career.

"I want to search for the perfect day and, on the perfect spot, with right wind, and the flattest water, I aim to reach the 50 knots before I turn 50," concludes Brian Røgild.

He will do it. This is his quest. We still don't know where and when. But Røgild will soon prove that dreams are worth chasing.

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