Brien Cummings steals the NSW Wavesailing Titles 2013/2014

March 17, 2014 | Windsurfing
Brien Cummings: spraying his opponents

Brien Cummings has won the New South Wales Wavesailing Titles 2013/2014, at Gerroa.

Despite the good looking forecast, light winds and small waves presented themselves to competitors, in the first day of competition.

Eventually, the wind built up to a strength deemed contestable and the single elimination could get underway.

Competitors were judged on what they could do in the conditions available, and Jessica Crisp and Alex Halank won the single and double eliminations of the Women's and Juniors' divisions respectively.

The Masters' division was also a case of Wanda versus Gerroa, with the final being contested by Stephen Robinson and Warren Holder.

In deteriorating conditions, Holder showed why he is called "One Knot" by getting some nice waves to win the final of the single elimination.

In the Open's single elimination final, both Brien Cummings and Forrest Ladkin showed that they had the skills to rip in mediocre conditions; however, it was Cummings, with his incredible smacks in the difficult conditions, who came out on top.

Unfortunately, the wind never got to a contestable strength, and towards the end of the last day the judges called off the day's sailing, officially ending the competition and making the single elimination results final for the Masters and Open divisions.

New South Wales Wavesailing Titles 2013/2014:

1. Brien Cummings
2. Forrest Ladkin
3. Josh Fletcher

1. Warren Holder
2. Steve Robinson
3. Rob Graham

1. Alex Halank
2. Zack Coleman
3. Jake Juretic

1. Jessica Crisp
2. Jannekke Stalstrom
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