British Wavesailing Association joins forces with the UKWA

January 31, 2010 | Windsurfing

Brandon Hancock

After several weeks of negotiations we can announce the newly formed British Wavesailing Association has joined forces with the UKWA. The alliance secures the future of the UK's most extreme and challenging wave tour.

So what is the BWA?
The original idea was the brainchild of Boardseeker's Adrian Jones. After many successful years it became apparent that there was a need to focus energies onto the unique challenges and demands of running a wave tour.

As a result several senior members formed an independent association, the BWA, an association run "by wave sailors for wave sailors". The team now consists of experienced wavesailing competitors including Louise Emery, Murray Saunders, Nigel Treacy and Jim Brookes-Dowsett.

BWA Chairman, Nigel Treacy said "The partnership maps out a new format for wave sailing competition in the UK". The UKWA will still be the membership association and will continue look after membership, insurance and administration.

The change here is that BWA will manage the actual wave tour and work closely with event hosts to ensure each event is delivered safely and professionally. We have secured the four main venues for the 2010 wave tour setting the scene for the best of the UK's wave sailors to battle out in the most extreme environments the UK has to offer.

The very best UK sailors will be battling it out for the overall 2010 title. After 2009's frantic tour there is a very big grudge match to settle and will include Jamie Hancock, John Skye, Ben Proffitt and Phil Horrocks.

What are the key aims of the BWA?

To manage and deliver the UK wave tour with specific responsibilities to operation, safety and managing the environmental impact.
To seek funding which will be used to directly benefit wave tour members.
To promote access and opportunity for wave sailors wishing to get started in competition ensuring the wave tour continues to grow.
To represent the needs of Wavesailing members.
How do I join?
To keep it simple, wave sailors will pay their membership directly to the UKWA as before. They will continue to enjoy the benefits of UKWA membership including personalised sail numbers and annual 3rd party insurance.

What do I get for my £45?
Members will continue to receive the same benefits they always have. In addition BWA will provide the additional at no extra cost to members:

Amateur and Starter focused events planned for 2010
A BWA rep at every event.
BWA Website. A wave-focused website to be launched Mid February 2010. To include all the details of each event.
BWA has negotiated full media support of the UK Wave tour.
BWA will represent the members at all UKWA meetings.
Goodies! To include a personalised rash vest issued at your first event attendance and full set of BWA sail stickers.
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