British windsurfers set the UKWA Hall of Fame

April 19, 2013 | Windsurfing
Guy Cribb: UK's windsurfing treasure

The United Kingdom Windsurfing Association (UKWA) has established the "UKWA Hall of Fame".

The first seven recipients of this award are windsurfers who have made a outstanding contribution to windsurfing in the British Islands.

Peter Chilvers, credited with inventing the sailboard in 1958, is one of the personalities who has already been awarded with the distinction.

Nik Baker (the best ever British wave windsurfer), Guy Cribb (13-time UK windsurfing champion), Dave White (the most successful speed sailor in the UK), Dave Hackford (the first Olympic windsurfer competion with the British flag), Peter Hart (windsurfer and coach) and Penny Wilson (three-time Women's World Racing champion) are also now part of the windsurfing "UKWA Hall of Fame".

These 10 sailors have a long career in British windsurfing and are still very involved in development of the sport, in the UK and worldwide.

The UKWA will consider additions to the windsurfing "UKWA Hall of Fame", on an annual basis.