Brouwersdam welcomes the Kona World Championship 2015

September 1, 2015 | Windsurfing
Brouwersdam: the 2015 Kona Worlds race area | Photo: Carter/PWA

Up to 70 windsurfers are ready to fight for titles at the Kona World Championship 2015. The event runs at Zeil & Surfcentrum Brouwersdam, in Netherlands, from September 2nd-6th.

Kona One is a growing ISAF-recognized sailing class. The 10th edition of the competition will gather the best young and experienced windsurfers in a unique challenge where all sailors used identical boards.

Simultaneously, windsurfers are only allowed to make small adjustments in the sail, and only one sail is used in all weather conditions.

"Brouwersdam offers very good racing conditions at this time of the year. The mildest reports for this time of the year are 8-10 knots," explains Marc Lamey, event director.

"If we get an early season front moving through, we will have some high wind racing. At the very least, the winds should easily be suitable for Kona surfing."

The Kona stars have confirmed their presence in the Netherlands. Andrea Holm, 19, won the silver medal in the European championships, will try to do better against the world's best.

Fred Hastman, a local windsurfer, won the European championships in 1984, and the national title. He is looking forward to conquering the world title. Let the winds blow.

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