Caesar Finies's unreal "Hail Mary" is better than ever

May 2, 2016 | Windsurfing
Caesar Finies: his trademark Hail Mary is unreal | Photo: Caesar Finies

Caesar Finies never ceases to amaze us. His latest flowstyle windsurfing video looks like perfect computer-generated imagery work.

Many of us would not believe it could be done. How is it possible to throw a windsurfing sail up in air, and then catch it and keep sailing?

Caesar Finies takes us back to the roots of freestyle windsurfing. To its very beginning, and without getting the board out of the water. Actually, it took Finies several years to master this array of techniques and tricks.

The Dutch sailor living in Bonaire may not be a regular face at the PWA World Tour, but his freestyle videos are quite popular in the windsurfing community.

Finies knows the wind like few others. And he is often nicknamed the "master of light winds." When the water is flat, and the wind blows between 10 and 15 knots, he unloads his flowstyle moves.

Caesar Finies' signature trick is the "Hail Mary," also known as "The Caesar Throw." The boomerang effect puts the sail up in the sky and then flies back to the rider's hands. Not to mention the endless list of maneuvers he invented on the transparent waters of Bonaire.

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