Calema Midwinters '08 ready with 7 classes

February 14, 2008 | Windsurfing

Calema Midwinters

The Calema Midwinters 2008 is scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 28th - Sunday, March 2nd. Racing will be held in the Banana River just off Kelly Park in Merritt Island, FL - USA AGAIN for 2008 - Racing for the Pro's/A Fleet will be three days!! Sport Fleet, Workshop and Kid's Fleets will be on Sat./Sun only as in past years.

The Midwinters will be governed by the ISAF Rules and the rules of Formula Windsurfing (as of 1/1/08) - with regard to the Pro & A Formula Fleets - the specified sail size limitations and the listing of approved production equipment. New Weight Divisions will be used if more than 20 competitors in a division.

As in past years - the Sport Formula Fleets allow for ANY production shortboard - but is still limited to One Board/3 Sails.

Kona One Design: Must use a Kona Style board and a 7.4 Zenith sail for all competitors under 85Kg. Mast and booms are open but boom must be aluminum and mast no more than 75% carbon. Racers over 85Kg may race with a 9.0 Zenith sail.

RSX & Prodigy One Design: Must use approved equipment and sail limitations for A Fleet. Sport Fleet Hybrid may use any sail within size limitations.


A FORMULA - PRO Men & PRO Women, Men, Women, Master's 35-54, Grandmasters 55+

A HYBRID - KONA One Design Men, KONA One Design Women, KONA One Design Junior - RSX Men, RSX Women, RSX Junior - PRODIGY Men, PRODIGY Women

A LONGBOARD - OFFICIAL CHANGE AS OF 2/4/08 - THE longboard will be a 3/1 Longboard class as in past events! Please just select A Longboard on the registration form - it will NOT be a limited 7.5 class!

SPORT FORMULA (all on a shorter outside course than A Fleet - racing on Sat/Sunday only)- Men, Women, Masters 35-54, Grandmasters 55-64, Seniors 65+, Kids Fun Time Racing 5.5 limit, Kids Fun Time Racing 7.5 limit, Formula Juniors U16 8.5 limit

SPORT LONGBOARD & CLASSICS - Use of board over 11ft with centerboard -- Open 7.5, Masters 45-64 limit 7.5, Seniors 65+ limit 7.5 , 200lb + limit 9.0

SPORT HYBRID - Use of any longboard Under 11ft with Centerboard - Kona. RSX, Zen, Bic, Prodigy, etc. // Men - limit 9.5, Women limit 8.5, Juniors limit 8.5

WORKSHOP/KIDS - These divisions are for the novice sailors - restricted sail size and ages and will sail on an inside course close to shore. Workshop (learn to race), Kids U16 - limit 6.0, and Superkids U12 - limit 5.0.

Source: Calema

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