Camille Juban beats sickness and wins the 2015 Pacasmayo Classic

August 31, 2015 | Windsurfing
Camille Juban: literally sick | Photo: AWT

Camille Juban has conquered the 2015 Pacasmayo Classic, in Peru.

Despite battling sickness, Juban confirmed his presence in the final against his friend Morgan Noireaux. Camille was not feeling perfect, but he just wanted to do it.

"I woke up really sick. One hour before going out, I didn't think I could go out because my stomach was so painful. I somehow found the energy and realized the heat was only 20 minutes. Even if I lose or cannot even stand on the board, I would just try; so I went in the water and at the beginning of the heat it was really hard," explained Camille Juban.

The windsurfer from Guadeloupe gave it a go. His first three wave were nothing special but, suddenly, Juban stepped up his game with perfect aerials, beautiful turns, and a goiter. Noireaux improved his score, but it wasn't enough.

"I realized I needed to give all I had. In the last two minutes of the heat I thought this was my chance. I got the wave and had a goiter at the end and went straight to the beach. I knew Morgan had really good waves, so I was not sure about my score. At the end I was really happy to make it with him," added Juban.

In the Women's final, Carolina Butrich decided to catch waves close to the El Faro lighthouse, and it paid off. She scored the best waves and left Kate Barker and Bjorte Purschel fighting for the remaining podium places.

"The contest was really nice. I am happy to have people here in Pacasmayo because it is my home spot. I love this place. It's so fun, and the wave is so long; giving time to improve. I am super happy at how I sailed," concluded Butrich.

2015 Pacasmayo Classic | Finals

1. Camille Juban (GUA)
2. Morgan Noireaux (USA)
3. Kevin Pritchard (USA)

1. Carolina Butrich (PER)
2. Kate Barker (AUS)
3. Bjorte Purschel (GER)

1. James Broomhead (UK)
2. Alessio Botteri (PER)
3. Tom Soltysiak (CAN)

1. Alessio Botteri (PER)
2. William Perez (PER)
3. Maria Bazo (PER)

1. Ferdinando Loffreda (ITA)
2. Damon Facco (ITA)
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