Camille Juban storms the Pacasmayo Classic 2012

August 31, 2012 | Windsurfing
Camille Juban: wave windsurfing life

Camille Juban won the windsurf division of the Pacasmayo Classic 2012, in Peru.

The young French windsurfer displayed a very secure performance in the wonderful Peruvian waters, while training for the professional circuit.

"I was super excited to go to Peru and my plan was to go there right after Mexico so I had time to train and do a better result. When I arrived, I met my good friend Fabrice Beaux, who had the same. It was perfect because we got to sail and train together", explains Juban.

"My father and younger brother also came one week before and I even train harder with Tom, landing some tricks and sailing for hours and hours. I was really prepared for the single elimination and I knew I had to do good in the single because we were not sure to have enough conditions for the double elimination".

Many windsurfers have sailed the longest waves of their lives in this place called Pacasmayo. It's really quite impressive how the endless wave progresses.

"I was so happy for my younger brother, because he’s only 15 years old and gets this energy to sail the whole day. He improved so much before the contest that he even won a heat in front of the former world champion Francisco Goya, finishing third in the single elimination", reveals Camille.

The Pacasmayo Classic is a windsurfing, kitesurfing, surfing and SUP contest which attracts hundreds of water sports enthusiasts to the iconic wave of Peru.

Pacasmayo Classic 2012 Windsurfing | Results

1. Camille Juban
2. Fabrice Beaux
3. Alex Vargas

1. Tatiana Howard
2. Miho Tanaka
3. Katie McAnena

1. Fabrice Beauz
2. Dudu Schultz
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