Camille Juban: bottom turning at Cloudbreak | Photo: Aerial Video Maui

Camille Juban is an experienced wave windsurfer, and he has never turned his back to big swells.

The 29-year-old from Guadeloupe has already shown us how to sail Jaws/Peahi in triple mast-high conditions.

But Juban has always wanted to visit and ride Fiji's most infamous wave - Cloudbreak. So, when all elements aligned, the veteran got on a plane to fulfill his dream.

When the French arrived in Fiji, he was greeted with light and offshore winds, and a near-perfect swell. Sarah Hauser was there too, slicing the left-hander apart.

A Stunning Performance

Juban sailed into Cloudbreak with a 4.2 a 4.6 sail, and a 73-liter board.

The result of the windsurfer's trip to Fiji has been poured into a video clip that speaks for itself. What you're about to witness is a stunning display of contemporary wave sailing.

Camille Juban boosted massive airs and smacked the wave's lip whenever he could. Watch how he draws perfect lines in the water with his signature full rail turns.

Now that Jaws and Cloudbreak have been ticked off Juban's list, maybe it's time to embrace a completely new challenge. Is Nazaré in your winter plans, Camille?

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