Camille Juban wins epic 2013 AWT Quatro Desert Showdown

August 7, 2013 | Windsurfing
Camille Juban: finding a landing site

Camille Juban has taken the 2013 AWT Quatro Desert Showdown, in Punta San Carlos, Mexico. It has been considered one of the best wave events in the history of American windsurfing.

Four days of epic wave conditions with the level of sailing being pushed in the last heats. Can anyone ask for more?

The event saw perfect wind and waves, with competitors getting out to the water on sail sizes from 4.5 down to 3.5.

The long heat lengths and super fair "second chance" bracket system has kept a smile on every riders face.

Camille Juban took his second consecutive victory at the 2013 American Windsurfing Tour season, and leads the overall rankings ahead of Kevin Pritchard.

Ingrid Larouche confirmed the absolute superiority this year. It's her third consecutive win, and she is ready to nail the national title.

The 2013 AWT Quatro Desert Showdown was dedicated to Andre Paskowski, who passed away during the competition held at Punta San Carlos.

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