Chinese windsurfers claim all medals in Qingdao

September 22, 2015 | Windsurfing
RS:X: China is conquering the world of windsurfing | Photo: ISAF

China is taking over competitive windsurfing. Chunzhuang Liu and Jiahui Wu have claimed the gold medals at the 2015 ISAF Sailing World Cup Qingdao.

The race is nearly over, and the Rio 2016 Olympic Games are almost on. The RS:X sailboarders are fighting for a ticket to Brazil, but only 36 athletes will represent their national flags in the "Marvelous City."

In the Men's medal race, Liu finished second and celebrated gold. The silver medal went to Bing Ye while Zhichao Zang completed the all-Chinese podium.

"I performed really well, better than normal. Over the regatta, there has been good and bad, but overall it has been good, and I have learned a lot. We have made great progress as a nation in windsurfing with tough exercises," explained Chunzhuang Liu.

On the Women's side, Peina Chen was able to win the final race, but it was Wu who tasted gold. With Pen in the runner-up position, Pei ling Chen had to settle for bronze. And once again, an all-Chinese podium.

"There was little wind and a lot of pumping, but I am very happy with the win. It was a great competition for me and the less wind suited my style," concluded Jiahui Wu.

The 2015 ISAF Sailing World Cup Final will take place in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, from 27th October through to November 1st.

2015 ISAF Sailing World Cup Qingdao | RS:X Results

1. Chunzhuang Liu (CHN)
2. Bing Ye (CHN)
3. Zhichao Zang (CHN)

1. Jiahui Wu (CHN)
2. Peina Chen (CHN)
3. Pei ling Chen (CHN)

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