Chris Bond races to victory at Herne Bay

May 31, 2013 | Windsurfing
UK Cup Series: racing fast at Herne Bay

The second round of the UK Cup Series saw the Formula Windsurfing sailors traveling to Herne Bay. Chris Bond secured a first place while Jason Clarke took the North Sea Cup.

In the first day, with 18 knots of wind, everyone rigged big in accordance with the forecast. This proved the correct decision, as by the time racing got underway the wind was only blowing 9-11 knots. The only race of the day was taken by Chris Bond.

On the second day, the race to the first windward mark was pretty close and leading the way was Jason Clarke who was now getting to grips with his new fin. As the race progressed, places constantly changed, but Bond and Dolphin managed to distance themselves from the rest of the fleet in an ever decreasing wind.

The race to the line was frantic but it looked like Bond had secured it on a late deep dash for the line. However it was not meant to be. Bond had gaffer taped a peg to his finger but, with only 10 metres left, his peggy creation flew off leaving him unable to pump and allowing Dave to power through for the win.

Jason got third as the wind dropped to only a few knots. Dave was, therefore, winner of the North Sea Cup.

The third day saw three races taking place, with the wind range starting at 8-10 knots, going up to 15-23 by the end. The first race was won by Dolphin, who stole it away from a slightly confused Bond and a frustrated Tim.

Tim got rid of his frustration in the next race winning it just ahead of an unlucky Jason, with Dolphin taking third. For the final race of the event, the wind picked up dramatically and the Dolphin on his 12m was going to suffer.

The race to the windward was incredibly close with four sailors tacking at the same time within metres of each other. This closeness, however, was not due to continue.

Jason flew downwind followed by Bond and Tim but Dave went out the front door and his race was over. Jason lead for the entire race and, if wasn't for an extra upwind leg being added to the course, he would have won. However, on the last leg Bond managed to squeeze past to take the win close to the line with Tim coming behind Jason to take third.

The results could not have been closer with Bond, Dolphin and Tim finishing on equal points. The results therefore had to be decided on the most amounts of highest placed finishes and were as follows:

1. Chris Bond
2. Dave Coles
3. Tim Gibson
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