RS:X: the official Olympic windsurfing class since Beijing 2008 | Photo: World Sailing

World Sailing Class has opened the applications process for the windsurfing equipment for Paris 2024.

The governing body for the sport of sailing is re-evaluating equipment selected for the Olympic Games at every eight years.

World Sailing wants to reduce the risk of monopolies, and force manufacturers to remain price-competitive and produce high-quality gear.

As a result, class associations and companies who wish to have their equipment included in Olympics are invited to submit it to technical evaluation.

Among other criteria, the men's and women's windsurfing equipment for the Paris 2024 sailing competition should tick the following boxes:

1. Be widely accessible and available around the world;

2. Put the physical superiority and tactical understanding of the athlete above technical knowledge of the equipment;

3. Be chartered locally through a strong distribution network;

4. Be a one-design with limited opportunities for optimization or customization;

5. Accommodate a range of formats such as long-distance race or slalom racing while focusing in up and downwind performance in a wide range of winds;

6. Feature a single hull with variations in rig and sails to accommodate men and women respectively;

7. Be easily transportable by a regular airliner as passenger's excess baggage;

8. Be designed to accommodate men from 65 kg to 85 kg and women from 55 kg to 70 kg;

9. Be designed to provide maximum flexibility to sail in a wide range of sea states (wind and waves);

10. Should not be heavier than the current Olympic equipment;

11. The current sail size - 8.5 and 9.5 m2 - should serve as the preferred sail size;

12. Provide maximum commonality of components between the men's and women's equipment;

13. Be attractive and accessible to young athletes from all continents;

14. Maximize the participation of the world's best sailors and showcase the diversity of the sport;

15. Offer continuity of events and evolution of equipment;

The official windsurfing classes listed in World Sailing's website are RS:X, RS:One, Formula Windsurfing, Kona, Techno 293, Techno 293 Plus, Formula Experience, Funboard, Raceboard, and Speed Windsurfing.

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