Cody Steward is the new leader of US Windsurfing

July 18, 2014 | Windsurfing
Cody Steward: the new leader of US Windsurfing

Cody Steward is the new executive director of US Windsurfing.

Steward started windsurfing in 2002, and he has been a member of US Windsurfing since 2008. He has been participating in the organization as an event organizer, competitor and instructor.

"I am excited for the opportunity to work with US Windsurfing! For years I have been trying to find ways to get more involved with the sport and help the stoke," explains Cody Steward.

"There are many great ideas starting up within the organization right now, and I am honored to be brought on board to help those ideas become a reality."

The new leader of US Windsurfing replaces Karen Marriott, who decided to focus energies on other projects. "I am so thankful for the years that I have spent talking to windsurfers from around the country and getting to know so many of them. US Windsurfing has really been a labor of love for me," adds Marriott.

Ned Crossley will also replace Dan Weiss in the as regional director for the Northeast region. "Windsurfing on every lake, bay, and ocean!," expresses Crossley.

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