Cold Hawaii and Podersdorf out of the 2014 windsurfing season

January 31, 2014 | Windsurfing
Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup: a great venue

The PWA World Tour has announced the cancellation of the Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup 2014.

Friends of Cold Hawaii, the organization team behind the Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup, have issued a press release in which they explain the reasons behind the cancellation of the 2014 windsurfing event, held in Denmark.

"This happens in the aftermath of Thisted City Council's decision to grant 350,000, and not the 500,000 that the association had requested," explains Finn Jorsal, president of Friends of Cold Hawaii.

"The 500,000 is necessary to create the stability, which is needed to reach the goal of the overall project. Without stability, we cannot do it".

The fourth edition of the Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup was held in Thy, with His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark as patron.

The PWA World Tour had already announced that the Surf World Cup Podersdorf 2014, in Austria, will not be part of the Freestyle schedule, as event sponsors shifted support to a kite racing event.

Check out the 2014 PWA World Tour schedule.

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