Curacao crowns 2011 IFCA Slalom world champions

April 26, 2011 | Windsurfing
Curacao Challenge: freestyle show

Jean Patrick van der Wolde and Delano Moreno are the first windsurfers in the history of Curacao to conquer the IFCA Slalom World Championships.

Despite the lack of consistent winds, the windsurfers managed to sail one elimination round, so the official world champions could be crowned. van der Wolde and Moreno took the Under 17 and Under 13 divisions.

"I am very proud. I don’t feel special but I did win", says Jean Patrick. "The means a step up. Now I have to prepare for the Youth class next year, which is much harder."

The Surf Town was perfect and thousands of spectators followed the event during the five days. The final heat of the Masters could not be sailed on the final day, so this meant that by official IFCA rules there are six world champions in the class.

The wind conditions were far from great, which is unusual on Curacao this time of year, but the the goal is to promote local windsurfing and to put the spotlight on Curacao as a perfect choice for future international windsurfing events.

"Event-wise it was fantastic: great organization, great food, great people but very unlucky with the wind", says Bruno de Wannemaeker, president of the IFCA.

2011 Curacao Challenge | Results

1. Sergio Mehl (Argentina)
1. Monique Meijer (Bonaire)
1. Constantino Saragoza (Bonaire)
1. Joris Bosman (the Netherlands)
1. Nikaj Droop (the Netherlands)
1. Diego Domenianni (USA)

Youth – U20
1. Gutek Kurczewski (Poland)
2. Jocelyn de Souza (France)
3. Jordy Vonk (the Netherlands)

Junior – U17 (+U15)
1. Jean Patrick van der Wolde (Curacao)
2. Justin Denel (France)
3. Amado Vrieswijk (Bonaire)

Junior – U13
1. Delano Moreno (Curacao)
2. Alex Halank (Australia)
3. Jean Paul da Silva de Goes (Curacao)

Sports Class
1. Ben van der Steen (the Netherlands)
2. Behrend Veenhuizen (Curacao)
3. Remo Osnabrugge (Curacao)