Davy Scheffers is the 2012 European Freestyle Pro Tour champion

November 8, 2012 | Windsurfing
Davy Scheffers: European Freestyle champion

Davy Scheffers is the 2012 European Freestyle Pro Tour champion. The Dutch sailor confirmed the title during the Centaur King of the Wind, in Weymouth, England.

After the debut in Austria, with the first ever European Tow-In championship, all tour stops had with good wind.

Sigri started off with flat water and moderate winds, France fully kicked in with over 40 knots and wavy onshore conditions and England delivered different wind speeds with flat to choppy water.

"Ever since I got into professional windsurfing, it was always a dream for me to become European champion one day. What I reached today shows me that you can get everything you dream of as long as you keep going for it and work hard", says Davy Scheffers.

The battle on the last events was not so easy, as all the riders tried their best to climb up the rankings. However, 20-year-old Dutch sailor Davy Scheffers impressed with a lot of style, power and diversity in all kinds of conditions.

Dieter Van der Eyken managed to secure second place, at the grande finale, in the UK. The overall third place went to Adrian Beholz, from Germany, who always convinced with a lot of routine and consistency throughout all of his heats

European Freestyle Pro Tour 2012 | Final Rankings

1. Davy Scheffers
2. Dieter Van der Eyken
3. Adrian Beholz
4. Adam Gavriel
5. Andraz Zan
6. Max Matissek
6. Rick Jendrusch
8. Adam Sims
9. Jeremy Pluess
10. Vladimir Yakovlev

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