Davy Scheffers steals the inaugural King of Maceió

December 17, 2015 | Windsurfing
Davy Scheffers: inspired by the Brazilian sunset

Davy Scheffers has been crowned King of Maceió 2015, in the Brazilian state of Ceará.

The freestyle windsurfing competition attracted a large fleet of PWA World Tour sailors including Adrian Beholz, Giovanni Passani, Arrianne Aukes, Adrian Beholz, Jazzy Noah Zwerus, Mattia Fabrizi, and many others.

All riders had the opportunity to train and test their equipment for the upcoming season in fantastic weather and maritime conditions - sunny skies, winds in the 30-knot range, and waves in the three-to-four-foot mark.

From the first moment, it was clear that Scheffers was the man to beat. The Dutch windsurfer stormed the competition, but he praised the local charger Hugo de Sousa for his technical competence.

"I am stoked for winning this first ever event in Maceio, and winning the Super Session. I was a super nice weekend with sick conditions. Hugo and I had a really amazing heat, with both throwing double forwards and air kabikuchis. I'm sure that this guy will become one of the future kings of Maceió," said Davy Scheffers.

"Congratulations to Giovanni for making it all the way into the final, showing good style and powerful riding, and to Julien Mas for organizing the event and making it to the podium at the same time."

King of Maceió 2015 | Top 4

Main Event
1. Davy Scheffers
2. Giovanni Passani
3. Julien Mas
4. Hugo De Sousa

Super Session
1. Davy Scheffers
2. José dos Santos
3. Mattia Fabrizi

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