"Dear Iceland": We, windsurfers, fell in love with you

October 9, 2017 | Windsurfing
Iceland: a cold and snowy windsurfing paradise

Three days, three French windsurfers, and three freezing cold surf spots.

Thomas Traversa, Jules Denel, and Sylvain Bourlard got on a plane and headed to the Nordic island nation of Iceland, land of spectacular volcanoes, stunning geysers, hot and massive glaciers.

In case you don't know, Iceland has fantastic wind and wave conditions, so the trio knew what they were looking for. Traversa, Denel, and Bourlard ended up sailing in three different scenarios.

"Iceland: thank you for welcoming us, for your landscapes, and the incredible wave sailing conditions that you offered us. Port or starboard, you spoiled us with your virgin waves in the middle of nowhere!" the French team wrote.

"Located on the Arctic Circle, you have given us mild temperatures and a few rays of sunshine, to our delight. Thanks also to the people for their hospitality. We have memories full of our heads."

In "Dear Iceland," you're invited to watch and witness dreamy offshore winds, perfect A-frame waves, and all the windsurfing potential this small country offers.

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