Tamahoo 100: the fully inflatable windsurfing kit by Decathlon | Photo: Decathlon

French sporting goods retailer Decathlon announced the launch of a fully inflatable windsurfing rig.

Tamahoo 100 is a windsurf sail and board that allows riders to tack by intuitively pivoting 180 degrees.

The kit fits in a large backpack and doesn't need tools to set up - only a hand pump to inflate the board and sail.

The board is 100 percent symmetrical to make steering and turning easy.

"We have designed this inflatable windsurfing kit to introduce people to the sport," explains François Bodin, product manager at Decathlon.

"The total symmetry of the board and the rigging allows you to turn around on your first attempt. Windsurfing has never been so easy and accessible."

The inflation time for Tamahoo 100 for a beginner adult is eight minutes, with the board and sail's ideal pressure set at 15 and 7 PSI, respectively.

The board weighs nine kilograms and is 2.2 meters long and one meter wide.

The sail weighs 3.8 kilograms (S and M models) and 4.8 kilograms (L and XL models).

"We have designed this product so that its setup is as simple as possible," adds Bodin.

"You will not need any tools to rig your equipment or disassemble it."

Tamahoo 100: easy to tack and ride upwind | Photo: Decathlon

Making Windsurfing Great Again

In a time when windsurfing is not exactly growing and expanding its horizons, Decathlon releases an inexpensive and easy to rig windsurf kit.

The goal is to increase the number of participants who decide to give the sport a go.

And for that to happen, everything needs to be simple and intuitive.

Tamahoo 100 features three fins - one central fin and two fins positioned at each end of the board.

They were designed to provide a safe and comfortable windsurfing experience that will help the rider get acquainted with the basic rules of sailing while going upwind.

The entire board is covered with an EVA pad to ensure maximum grip and comfort for both feet and knees.

The cushioned mast base plate can be installed with a single clip.

To make it easier to carry the board, Tamahoo 100 comes with a retractable and adjustable side strap to suit all sizes.

It is also possible to transport the board by grabbing it by the red strap of the mast footplate.

The inflatable windsurfer by Decathlon allows everyone to easily get into wing surfing without a foil and stand-up paddleboarding, thanks to its symmetrical design.

The board is made from polyvinyl chloride (85 percent), EVA foam (10 percent), and stainless steel (5 percent); the sail is polyamide 6 (100 percent).

"Tamahoo 100 has been co-developed with nautical teams and, more particularly, the windsurfing teams of the Union des Centres Sportifs de Plein Air (UCPA)," concludes François Bodin.

"Their pedagogical expertise, their teaching experience, and the expectations of their trainees have enabled us to strengthen our development by pouring them into our very first prototypes."

"The initiation sessions to wing surfing also use this stable and bi-directional board, making learning immediate and easy."

Tamahoo 100 sells for €350.

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