Défi Wind challenges 1000 windsurfers in Gruissan

March 14, 2013 | Windsurfing
Défi Wind: 1000 windsurfers in the water

One thousand windsurfers will be sailing for victory in the 13th edition of the Défi Wind, the world's largest windsurfing marathon, from 9th-12th March, in France.

When 1000 windsurfers get set in the starting line of the Défi Wind, it look like an armada is preparing a giant attack.

The town of Gruissan has turned the Défi Wind not only into a worldwide leader in adrenaline water sports events, but also into a universal not-to-be-missed windsurfing appointment.

The famous Tramontane wind will challenge participants of the Défi Wind for exciting races, in a beautiful scenario.

Philip Köster, Jules Denel, Robby Swift and Steven Van Broeckoven have confirmed their presence in the windsurfing event, alongside with hundreds of amateur windsurfers.

The goal of this unique four days of Défi Wind is to get the largest number of windsufers together, who will compete at the same time and share their common passion for windsurfing throughout the whole event period.

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