Défi Wind Maui scheduled for 2015 at Kanaha

July 24, 2014 | Windsurfing
Défi Wind: 1000 windsurfers racing for glory | Photo: Défi Wind/JM Cornu

The organizers behind the Défi Wind Gruissan and the American Windsurfing Tour (AWT) are planning a windsurfing marathon in Maui, Hawaii.

According to Philippe Bru, founder of the French windsurfing race Défi Wind, and Sam Bittner, director of the American Windsurfing Tour Director, Défi Wind Maui may be a reality in the next years.

"I attended the Défi Wind Gruissan, in 2013, and knew right away I would love to see an event like this in Maui. Philippe Bru and I met up in Tahiti this past week for a racing event, and when we talked about the idea of working together to create the Defi Wind Maui, it was a perfect match," explains Bittner.

The contest managers believe they can attract up to 500 windsurfers at Kanaha, in July 2015. The original race invites sailors to complete 240 kilometers (149 miles) in four days of races. Is there a Défi Wind World Tour in the making?

"Working on the idea since for a few years. My last encounter with Sam Bittner was decisive. Put a Defi Wind Maui and push the basics of windsurfing even further. Undoubtedly the beginning of a new and beautiful story. Defi Wind World Tour is on track," adds Bru.

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